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Becoming a Client

Becoming a Client is Easy

First, we invite you to meet with a representative of our advisory team. We will work to determine the metrics that create your financial objectives – are you conservative by nature or more aggressive? What do you like about the investment process and what do you despise? Are you a hands on investor or do you want us to make decisions for you?

After a thorough analysis of your current holdings, we will present you with our findings. Our objective is to find any flaws in your current investment process. These flaws can be robbing you of the results you deserve. Our analysts do a deep dive into your current holdings to review costs, allocations and other financial areas that may potentially be improved on.

The Results and Recommendations

After reviewing your results, we will provide you with the results we have found and the recommendations that may bring your investment portfolio more in line with your objectives.

The Transfer of Your Accounts

It’s easy – most accounts can be transferred to our firm electronically. The process is simple, secure and doesn’t require you to contact all of your previous advisors.


Our onboarding process was designed to help you become comfortable with our staff, services and technology in a quick, easy to understand format.

We look forward to bringing you onboard.